Meet the Team!

These are the memebers of Realovative Investments that you’ll be working with!

Omy (above) was one of the first cold callers to work for Realovative investments and has been grinding everyday since to achieve his goals. Through his time here at Realovative, Omy has honed in onto the idea of deal or no deal and making every second count toward building a future for him and his family. With his time spent here at Realovative we know that he will be the next big thing in investing!

Kadin (above) is the newest memeber of Realovative Investments, working on our newest website, cold calling, and expanding our online lead generation, there isn’t a moment to spare for this young apprentice. As time has progresses for Kadin here at Realovative, he’s began to realize that anything is possible because everything is possible, and with that attitude along with his high hopes and dreams, he one day will be at the top of Real Estate and investing.

Brandin (above) yes the man we all have been waiting for, the creator/founder of the religion “Realovative”. This man eats, sleeps, and breaths Real Estate, putting every second that he has coming up with new inventions and rule bending ideas. He has been able to continue the growth of the company by working day in and out with everyone here apart of the family Realovative.

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