Earn $500 For A Referral!

Are you reading this and don’t need to sell your house? Well I can tell you that you are not alone, even at this very moment. We have people every minute of every day that check our website and don’t even need to sell their home, which is something that we expect. But do you know someone that wants/needs to sell their home in central Florida? Well if you give us their contact info or even fill out the form for them we will give you upwards of $500! That’s right $500 just for a referral. Now this depends on the deal and how much it benefits us as a company. There’s a possibility that we might only be able to give you around $100 or something in between that and the $500. That’s because we will try and base the amount off of a commission kind of deal, so if earn “X” amount of dollars, and its an average amount we could give you something along the lines of $250, but if the deal is just a very simple one where we only make a lower than average amount you might only earn $100. But all of this is free money! Just for saying that you know someone that wants to sell and giving us their contact info can earn you at least $100!!!

How it works

Once you get done reading the website and really get a grasp for how we operate, you can either give us a call 9am-5pm Mon-Fri, or just fill out the form below! Then we can get into contact with them, setup the appointment, buy them home, and put cash in YOUR pocket too! Once we get a buyer lined up for the home, we will put cash in your pocket just for saying “yes I have a friend who would like to sell”. One sentence could earn you up to $500 dollars, not sweat, blood, or tears on your part. now you might be thinking “well how do I know i’m going to get paid?” That’s the thing, we won’t have you sign a contract or anything stating that we “have” to pay you, but rest assured, this situation is a win win for the both of us and if we chose not to pay you, that hurts us just as bad or even worse than you from a business stand point. We hold our word up until the very end of the process, because its the right thing to do. Even when we are doing business we try to put ourselves into the persons shoes when deciding, pricing, times, and everything in between, simply because we want you to be as happy as we are with working with you!

What Are The Cons Of Me Doing The Referral?

Well to be honest the only con is that you don’t get paid, that’s because if we can’t buy the home for whatever the reason may be, we can’t pay you. We have a very wide range of homes that we buy, beautiful homes that don’t need to much done to them, mobile homes, run down building and many other things. it is pretty rare for us not to buy a property or land. Nine times out of ten you will walk away with money for free!

What Are The Pros?

There are so many pros to doing this, which is why we started doing it! You see for a long time we worked with people that new others who wanted to sell their home but they waited until the very end of the process for them to say something, when we could have work with both of them at the same time! All you have to do is say something and you get paid, which is not that hard:) But also, there’s no limit to the amount of times you can do this! you can do it once or even five, ten, 20 times! We want you to help us help you and your friend or family member (maybe if you get really good we can hire you)! But on a professional note, we wouldn’t have started doing this if we didn’t think that it was a strong win win for you, us and the other family involved.

Just remember there is nothing that we won’t take our time to look at, we will buy anything! But for cash offers they aren’t always top dollar. The point of the all cash offer is that not many people can offer you that and there is no fees or out of pocket costs to you for selling. Many people get discouraged by the offer we give them but in reality, if you were to sell your home on the market with a realtor, you would actually end up walking away with close to the same amount that we plane on offering you. And you get paid in cash!

So what are you waiting for? Fill out the information right now, don’t wait, you might forget, we all do. Take less than 60 seconds and fill out the form to get you and/or a friend or family cash today!


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