What To Do With A Home From An Estate

Did you inherit a house from a probate? Did someone in your family pass away and you were given their home? Well to start, on behalf of everyone here at Realovative our condolences for you and you’re family in this tragic and unfortunate time for you . Believe it or not, we talk to people everyday that receive homes from parents and grandparents after they have passed. They always ask the same question, “what do I do with the home?” well to be blunt, not everyone can afford to have two homes, especially when there is still a mortgage to be paid off on the house. Even if it is paid off, you might not have the time to keep the house clean and looking good, which could lead to liens and fines. It’s honestly just a bad situation. “how am I going to take care of my house, my kids, spouse, work, and still have time to go and take care of this home! For some, the thought of it just stresses people out, we understand!


Why Sell The Home?

Well like I said homes in that situation can be a burden to people such as yourself, but I won’t beat the dead horse, you get the point. Alternatively, a home in that situation could make you a lot of money and you don’t even know it! I personally was working with this middle aged women right after her mom had passed,obviously she was upset and depressed, she didn’t even want to talk to me! I realized this so i got straight to the point, “ma’am do you know how much you could make if you sold the home?” and she said “I have no idea to be honest”, when I told her, her attitude turned around really quick and she became the biggest talker that I’ve ever worked with, which is great! The point behind that is for some, finding out the value of the inherited home doesn’t even cross the mind, and when that happens some don’t even think about how much they could make off the home! Not worrying about the value of the home is something that’s to be expected when grieving with the loss of a family member, we would be worried if the first thing you thought of was how to make money off of the home. Considering to sell the home should be something that you think of when you receive a home in that type of situation.


We Planned On Living There Why Would I Want To Sell It Now?

Well i’m going to be blunt about this, majority of the phone calls I make to people which receive homes from an estate and/or probate say something along the lines of that. Saying this is normal, Even though they might not move into the home, the main reason people use this as a counter argument is because the home has sentimental value. Truth be told, that option is realistic but not always the best one. You see, if the home has a mortgage that still needs to be paid off, it could be to expensive, maybe they had fines on the home because they were to old to try and keep it up to date. All of these things are completely normal and we’ve seen it before, in those types of situations it’s best to sell for one main reason.


Whats The Main Reason I Would Want To Sell?

You have your own family to worry about, things that need paid off. Lets be honest, we all have some debt laying around somewhere, yet people still don’t see the potential value that they could receive from a situation like this. Our elders, majority of the time, want whats best for their kids and grandchildren, they would rather the home go to good use to help and you see you happy than it sit there, collect dust, and put you more in debt with liens and fines. Its not to often you just get handed a house, no matter how bad the situation may be for you and your family there is still a silver lining to all this. Help yourself, and help us help you! We’re always honored when people come to ask us for advice or want our help in getting the house sold and closed in two weeks!

How Do I Get Started?

Go to our home page and find out what it is that we do and how we help so many people in the central Florida area! Or, if you’re in a rush, go ahead and fill out the form below, we’ll contact you within a few minutes with a follow up email where we can schedule a time for us to chit chat! From there we will go over the house with you and ask some simple question, once all of that is said and done, we can set up a time for us to meet at the property and help you through all the struggles that people go through when selling a home during a hard situation like this. No fees, No hassle, No closing costs, whatever the amount we say we’ll give you for the home, is what you walk away with in cash! So what are you waiting for, get started NOW!

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