Getting a real understanding as to what a cash offer is, is essential for understanding what Realofferscash does that’s so different than other cash home buyers. If you still feel like your unsure as to what a cash is, come take a look here to see the comparison between a cash offer and listing your home with a agent. Or to see how we buy homes with a in depth walk through, you can go here.

How selling to Realofferscash is actually different than other “professional home buyers”.

When comparing two things that are relatively the same, you have to look at smaller details to see what the real difference is and decide which of those is worth your time. For us, it has to do with the people that you’ll work with, how we go about the process and how its different from the standard cash process, as well as how the idea of “living proof” has changed our perception of working with a home seller.

Understanding Your Reasons:

Realofferscash has made sure that the people with whom you’re going to be working with are understanding. Because you chose a cash offer, you might be going through something in your personal life, whether that’s the death of a loved one, foreclosure and money shortages, or the accumulation of small problems. You don’t need to explain to us your going through a hard time (unless you want to and we’d love to hear about it :)) because before we even talk for the first time we are well aware that there’s a chance you’ve gone through something recently, creating a reason to sell fast. In our opinion, understanding who we are working with, as well as building a good friendship along the way is what really makes a deal stand out from the others. Now this isn’t to say that because of this the process might take longer for whatever reason, we still strive to make sure the process is as hassle free, stress free, and as fast as possible for you, that’s the goal of a cash offer! When going against the norm for selling your home, being comfortable with who you’re working with is key, the service that we provide ensures that we will try to help you understand who we are, what we do, and how this is going to benefit you, as well as a commitment your comfort. The second you get uncomfortable during the short process is the same second that the progress that we’ve made is lost, we want to ensure that you’ll be comfortable and happy because if you are, so are we:).

What Make Realofferscash Stand out:

How is are process different? That’s the question that most people want to know the answer to, we’re always happy to answer! The way we go about our process is simple, efficiency. You see, being the professional home buyer that we are, we always make sure that we get your home sold quicker than the listing process, because what would be the point if it wasn’t! Yet the speed and accuracy that we perform at is much higher in terms of customer reviews, we’ve had more people tell us that we are super fast and efficient than people saying nothing about the speed we perform at. What does that say in comparison to other home buyers? That majority of people go out of their way to say how we’ve perform above the standards, not many people will go out of their way to say nice things, compared to the amount that will to say negative things.

Changing The Future Of Cash Home buyers!

What living proof is and how it’s completely changed the work horse that is Realofferscash! Living proof means “If you say that someone is living proof of something, you mean that their actions or personal qualities show that a particular fact is true or that a particular quality exists” as said by Collins Dictionary. This to us is being what we preach, as well as exceeding those standards, what do we preach? We always strive to make sure that our sellers are fully comfortable, happy and above satisfied with us and the process. We live up to high expectations not just for ourselves but for each other within the business, we are a team and a family, we hope you find that charming:) Our goal is to make sure that whoever it is we work with is so outrageously happy, that they are willing to go and brag to their friends about how amazing it was to work with us (considering we have a referral program where you can earn $500 for a referral, i’m surprised you’re not filling out the form right now, here) because if they can’t feel confident enough to put themselves on the the line to refer others to us, then we haven’t done our job. We are living proof because we don’t say things to make ourselves sound better, look better, or to get more customers. Multiple people we have worked with have sold us not just one, but two or three homes they’ve owned because they love how we are living proof for what we preach, as well as our honesty in doing business. Trying a cash offer is sort of like a roller coaster, people become skeptical about trying it in the beginning, yet once they do it’s so amazing that people actually come back to sell us more of the homes they own! Even though a cash offer isn’t usually market price, the process outweighs the price by that much so they continue to come back.

Realofferscash can help you right now, stop waiting and second guessing yourself. Pick up the phone and give us a call at anytime, or fill out the form at the top right of this page and we’ll call you as soon as we can! Making a true decision without investing your time into learning about all the options you have means you could really miss out on some pretty awesome stuff, like working with Realofferscash!!!

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